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Roller Blinds, Melbourne

Roller blinds are the current trending blinds suitable for both doors and windows. Roller blinds will transform any area of your property and become a welcomed edition to your décor. Roller blinds are simple in operation where the fabric is wrapped around an aluminium tube, which then fits onto the top of your window frame, either within or outside of the window recess.

The blind is operated up and down by a pull chain, attached to a side winder mechanism connected to the blind casing, thus enabling the blind for great longevity. Our roller blinds can be made with a motorised system, which operates the blind up and down for you, with a touch of a button with a remote.

If you're looking for the best roller blinds in Melbourne, New Worlds of Blinds has got you covered with their top-quality motorised roller blinds in Melbourne, and if you're on a budget, they also offer cheap roller blinds, Melbourne without compromising on style or functionality


Blockout roller blinds are ideal for complete privacy, as they not only blockout the sun, they also provide 100% blockout from people looking in, and providing insulation for the area, as well as noise reduction. The blockout fabric is available in a range of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. New world of blinds offers you, the latest design choices, and high quality fabric with great longevity. Our roller blinds are easy to operate, and maintain, and clean when necessary.


Sunscreen roller blinds are available as a mesh type fabric used to hinder the glare and UV radiation entering your property, and harming furniture/floors. The main advantage of a sunscreen blind is it enables you to see outside during the day, and unless the lights are on, no one can see inside, offering you with day time privacy. Sunscreen roller blinds are flawless for the Australian sun, assisting with keeping your home cool. The sunscreen fabrics are offered in a range of colours to match the interiors of your home, easy to clean, cost effective, and durable.


Translucent roller blinds hinder the view from both the inside and outside. You can’t see through them from the outside, but you also can’t see out of them. The translucent fabrics reduce heat and the glare entering the room. They are manufactured from woven material, which has no holes, therefore providing you with a soft filtered light effect that improves light control. Translucent blinds are generally used in living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens as they offer a reasonable amount of light, and privacy. However, at night with the lights turned on your silhouette can be seen, therefore not recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms.


Lace plasticised roller blinds are a decorative window dressing to provide you with daytime privacy, and allowing the sunlight to lightly filter through. Lace fabrics are available in a range of fancy, and plain, with a range of colours, and patterns.

Motorised Blinds Melbourne by New World of Blinds


Motorised roller blinds can be lowered or raised with the push of a button wirelessly with a motor, that’s rechargeable and simple to use via a remote control. Remote controlled electric roller blinds are presented in various fabrics and colors to choose from.

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