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Roller Cassette Blinds

The cassette roller blinds is the best solution if you want to darken the room for shiftworkers, bedrooms & theater room. The key features of the cassette roller are the cassette – this is what covers the roller blind the side channels,assist in stopping any light from coming around the roller blind, Cassettes are made from aluminium and come in a variety of colours, the most common colours is being black and white. An aluminium headbox, is installed onto the top of your architrave which will hide your roller blind tube. The blockout blind is then installed within this frame.

The cassette roller blinds collection

The cassette roller blinds collection comprises of a vast spectrum of colours suitable for almost any room. The dimout shading is ideal for living rooms or dining areas as the sun’s intensity is reduced without plunging you into complete darkness. Create gentle ambience to suit whatever mood or occasion by using the simple cord and chain operation to achieve your chosen level of light control. This system features a breakaway chain to make it one of our safest blinds for children and pets. Moreover, these Rollers have moisture resistance to help preserve their pristine finish in addition to allowing you to install them in your bathroom or kitchen if desired. Consisting of a single strip of continuous fabric, these blinds can elevate all the way up into their cassette to make the most of any recess and enable you to easily clean the window.

Simplicity is central to the cassette roller blinds designs and this extends to the installation process. All of the blinds’ mechanisms are neatly contained within the cassette which is covered with a matching fabric for a flow throughout the design. You can choose between a top fixing or a face fixing that can sit either inside or outside the recess for optimal flexibility. A unique advantage of the cassette fitting is that the universal brackets can be attached almost anywhere along the length of the cassette. This quality is particularly effective if you’re keen to avoid and conceal any holes or marks left behind by previous blind fittings. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, this reduces the chance of damage and ensures a smooth and professional fitting. Consult our online fitting guide for more information, or get in touch with a member of our team directly. All of our blinds are expertly made to measure with the highest degree of care. Complete with a 3 year guarantee, you can always feel confident when ordering with us.

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