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A pelmet is a decorative panel that helps to finish the appearance of your window covering in matching fabric, whilst adding an innovative appearance to your home. A pelmet also performs as another layer of insulation, to decrease heat loss in your property, and assists to reduce light entering the room. A pelmet is a wooden or aluminum box/frame wrapped with matching fabric. The pelmets are installed above a window, where the curtain or blind is, to disguise the blinds componentry/brackets, fabric backing or tracks.

Pelmet Properties and Uses

Pelmet is a decorative window covering placed on the tops of
windows in interior decoration. Usually made of materials such as wood, metal
or fabric, pelmets are mounted on the curtains or blinds above the windows and offer
an aesthetic appearance. In this article, we will give more detailed
information about the features, benefits and usage areas of pelmets.

Features of Pelmets

Decorative Appearance:

 Pelmets give windows
a stylish and decorative look. Thanks to different design and pattern options,
it is possible to choose a pelmet suitable for the style of the interior.

Window Functionality:

 Pelmets increase
window functionality by covering the tops of curtains or blinds. In this way,
they can better control light and provide better darkness by blocking light
from outside.

Focal Point:

 Pelmets create a
focal point in the interior, helping to emphasize other decorative elements.
When placed at the top of the window area, they become an eye-catching element.

Color and Pattern Options:

 Pelmets can add color
to the interior thanks to various color and pattern options and can be selected
in accordance with the style of the space.

Size and Shape Flexibility:

 Pelmets come in a
variety of sizes and shapes. From standard rectangles to curved and oval forms,
there are many different designs available. This makes it easy to choose a
pelmet suitable for the interior.

Uses of Pelmets

Home Interior Decoration:

 Pelmets can be used
in many areas such as hall, bedroom, living room. They offer both a functional
and aesthetic solution for window decoration.

Office and Workplaces:

In workplaces, pelmets can be used in areas such as office
rooms, meeting rooms or waiting areas. They enrich the interior by adding a
professional atmosphere to business spaces.

Hotels and Restaurants:

 Pelmets are also
frequently preferred in commercial areas such as hotels and restaurants. They
positively affect the atmosphere of the space by offering comfort and
aesthetics to customers.

Public Buildings and Theaters:

 Visually attractive
spaces can be created by using pelmets in stage decoration in public buildings
and theaters.

Schools and Educational Institutions:

 In schools, pelmets
can be used in classroom decoration, conference halls or sports halls to bring
vitality to the interior spaces.


Pelmets act as an aesthetic element in window decoration and
add style and character to the interior. Thanks to their functionality and
various design options, they have a wide range of uses, from homes to
commercial spaces. To change the atmosphere of your home or workplace and
create a unique interior, pelmets can be a great option to consider. Blind Pelmets  Kalkallo

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